Joshua 1

Joshua 1

Joshua 1 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Joshua was elevated in responsibility and trust based on his faithfulness. In Exodus, he became captain of the host and in Numbers he and Caleb brought back a report of the land of Canaan. Here, in Chapter 1, the torch is passed from Moses.

I can’t help but notice how many times we find the phrase, “Be strong and courageous” in this chapter. I can just picture the scene as Joshua assumes command and speaks boldly to the people with full trust in God’s long-awaited plan. As a leader, Joshua began to make provisions in order to step into God’s promise.

As leaders today, we are commanded to do much of the same. Many people are flashy and inspiring with their words, but lack the proper wisdom and calculated steps to meet the calling. Some leaders rely so much on the sovereignty of God, that they are content to sit and wait, taking no action and justifying it with spiritual “patience.”

Joshua was a strong leader. He began by both inspiring the people, but also taking actions steps to complete the mission. The same is true for us with the grace of Jesus Christ. The promise is a done deal, but there is a responsibility to walk by faith. Faith requires action. With the Holy Spirit, this action is possible each and every day.

I find myself challenged by the words and actions of Joshua. If I am going to be a strong leader, I must not just talk a good game, or sound really inspiring, but also plan, prepare, and utilize the weapons God has given me to complete my mission.

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