Job 31

Job 31

Job 31 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

The tenderness of Job’s heart comes through in this chapter. He is certain that even if he were weighed by God Himself, there would be no transgressions held against him. He has put forth every effort in this life to honor God and keep His commandments near to his heart.

I remember one time hearing a man tell a story about how he had been saved from his past as a porn addict. He had made a covenant with his eyes, just as Job did, that he would honor God the rest of his days and not fall to this weakness in his life. Fortunately, though his sin was severe, he was able to reconcile with his wife and kids and renewed his commitment to his family. It was a picture of true repentance and forgiveness.

That covenant he made would be honored — no matter what. When he went on business trips, he would request that the front desk remove the television from his room. Actually, he would demand it. If it could not be done, he would make accommodations elsewhere on his own dime. You see, he knew that this temptation was always at his doorstep and brewing in his flesh.

He knew that if he was alone at night with access to a TV, it could lead to him watching something that would spiral back into his treacherous sin. He took his second chance seriously because he loved his God more than the inconvenience of rearranging his work schedule no matter what the cost.

Some today would call this legalism. I personally think it’s inspiring. This was a man who had nearly lost everything and was given a second chance. He would do anything to protect that covenant. He would do anything and everything to stay true to following Christ with all his heart. He loved Jesus more than anything. Can you say the same?

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