Job 15

Job 15

Job 15 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Eliphaz brings a load of sarcasm to this chapter. He claims that his understanding of Scripture and his wisdom is completely reliable. He knows that Job is wicked because he’s seen wicked people and their lives are hopeless and filled with suffering.

If you had your way, no one would fear God; no one would pray to him. 5 Your wickedness is evident by what you say; you are trying to hide behind clever words. 6 There is no need for me to condemn you; you are condemned by every word you speak.

Job 15:4-6 GNB

The arrogance of Eliphaz is unbelievable! Not only does he hammer away at his religious doctrine, he offers no solution or hope for Job. According to him, Job is doomed to the judgment of God. The provision and protection that was experienced previously was only a mask that God eventually broke through. Again, just like every other time Job’s friends have spoken, this is completely incorrect. In fact, it directly contrasts Jesus’ words about Lazarus in John 11.

But when Jesus heard this, He said, “This sickness is not to end in death, but for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it.”

John 11:4 NASB

We know that disease and sickness permeate lives that honor and love God. Here, Jesus gives us a reason. Of course, we know for Lazarus that he would be resurrected by Jesus and his sickness leading to death would become a miraculous event in which the Son of God would be glorified.

Today, believers have been resurrected with Christ by grace through faith. There is no sickness or disease that can take that from us. The glorification of Christ is placing our eyes firmly on Him, trusting in every situation no matter how grim the outlook. For those of us in Christ, we are healed for eternity. This earthly body is just a temporary shell that will be joyfully abandoned upon death as we are welcomed into Heaven. When we know that, we will find joy in all circumstances.

The real question is not, ‘Why am I not healed physically?’ but rather, ‘How can I glorify God through my suffering?’ If we believe Jesus’ words, then we must believe that there is glory to be found. The world is watching. How will we respond?

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I am thinking of our world today with a sad heart. Job’s friends are much like the world and their thinking. The arrogance and destructive words …so attacking to God the Father. And Jesus Christ they want nothing to do with Him! We live in our world today with unreachable and arrogant people. UNTEACHABLE ! We MUST cling to our faith and wait to see what God is about to do. I praise His name for my past and Today and my future! What a mighty God we serve!