Isaiah 37

Isaiah 37

Isaiah 37 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Much of what Isaiah has written leading up to this point has been about the rebellion of God’s people. They were living like they really didn’t trust the Lord, and continually went back to idolatry. So, with the way they have been behaving, it makes sense that they would verbally agree with Assyria. The words Rabshaqeh has spoken are not true, but Israel has been living like they are.

This is a critical time for Judah. What will they do when their allies are stripped away and they are threatened by a powerful military force? We have these moments all the time in life. How do you respond to them? Are you swept away by the circumstances, or do you bury yourself in the Lord’s embrace?

Hezekiah takes it upon himself to repent because he knows his hope (and Judah’s hope) lies in the Lord. It’s a pattern we see all throughout Scripture. God heard and saw everything, but He was waiting for that repentance to take place. It was a necessary and crucial step to recommit themselves to His will.

Impatience can get us into a lot of trouble. Sometimes, we stand before trouble and tragedy and wonder, as Judah did, how does God not immediately punish the slanderous acts in our world today? Whatever reason is good enough for Him, is good enough for me. However, I think there is always more going on than we know about, and many times, it has to do with our character.

I like to think I’m on a “need to know basis” with God. No matter what we face, repentance is always an option. King Hezekiah did well to lead his people in this chapter, and we should use his example in our lives today.

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