Isaiah 34

Isaiah 34

Isaiah 34 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

The idea of this chapter is that the Lord will conquer all who oppose Him. There is no question about it. Within the text, the language is bold and abrasive. Divine wrath will be poured out upon the nations. The theme that’s used here, especially in the opening verses, is a proclamation of “herem.” Any Hebrew would know that type of word. It means to ‘devote’ or ‘destroy.’

Old Testament scholar J. A. Thompson suggests that herem meant that in the hour of victory all that would normally be regarded as booty, including the inhabitants of the land, was to be devoted to God. Thus, every harmful thing would be burned out, and the land purified. Essentially, this is what we will see in the end times. The book of Revelation chronicles the ultimate purging of the world that will leave only God’s faithfully devoted people.

It’s a frightening and sobering reality. Outside of Christ, we are enemies of God and have no chance of a future. We only have one life! Now is the time to turn, repent, and know Jesus as Savior.

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