Isaiah 26

Isaiah 26

Isaiah 26 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Disease. Affliction. Poverty. The kingdom of man wrestles with the birth pains of this world. The city of God, however, is strong and unwavering.

“Go into your houses, my people, and shut the door behind you. Hide yourselves for a little while until God’s anger is over.”

Isaiah 26:20 GNB

This is a continual theme in Scripture. Though sorrow may last for a time, there is joy peeking over the horizon. There are many promises of God that are yet to be fulfilled. One day evil and suffering will vanish and every tear will be wiped from the eyes of the hurting. Jesus’ return will invoke fear in those who denied Him and joy in those who waited and trusted Him with faithful obedience.

The immediate context of this passage is most likely speaking to the surging Assyrian Empire. God’s people were suffering. They were desperate to hear from Him. But God had allowed this to happen because of their disobedience.

However, it also speaks to the end of the age when God will destroy evil for eternity and rescue His children from His divine justice. God’s people will be hidden away and saved. Just like at Passover, death will pass by those who are covered by the blood of Jesus. Isaiah is not speaking to anyone in this passage. He is speaking to those who love God and have repented of their sins.

They can be confident that by retreating to their homes because their Salvation is secure. They will escape the wrath of God by His grace. The same is true for us. When pain, suffering, and death come to steal our joy, we can rest on the assurance of God’s promise to save those who trust Him. That faith only comes to those who have experienced the grace of Jesus. It is only by His love that we are made whole.

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