Genesis 40

Genesis 40

Genesis 40 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

We now learn that Potiphar did not really believe the accusations brought against Joseph. In Genesis 39, we read that Potiphar was “an officer of Pharaoh and the captain of the guard.”  Here in Genesis 40, we read that the captain of the guard is the one who placed Joseph over the baker and the cupbearer.

The captain of the guard assigned Joseph to them, and he became their personal attendant. And they were in custody for some time.

Genesis 40:4 HCSB

We also know that Joseph found favor with the warden. He was given authority freely because of his trustworthy character and rock-solid integrity. People who came across Joseph loved him and trusted him. This is a noteworthy point to consider and apply to our own lives.

Despite being well-liked, we find that Joseph is not a people pleaser. In fact, right here in this chapter he shows us how his allegiance to God does not sway his feelings. He is willing to help, but he will tell others God’s truth. He receives divine knowledge from God regarding the dreams of both the baker and the cupbearer. He is just as willing to give the bad news to the baker as he is to give the good news to the cupbearer.

The other point to consider here is Joseph’s persistent attitude. He does not slip into a fatalistic mindset. He uses the opportunity at hand to help these two men but also asks them to remember him. He wants out of prison, and this could be the moment that God uses to deliver him. It seems strange that God doesn’t use this opportunity to deliver him. How many of us would give up after this? How many of us would question God’s love and his character and let our minds slip into fatalistic thinking?

Joseph’s time was not now, but this doesn’t stop him from living for God in everything he does. You see, Joseph’s environment and emotional state did not control his faith. His foundation wasn’t based on getting what he wanted out of life. He continued to faithfully serve where he was placed.

Beloved citizen. Truth-teller. Persistent optimist. Consistent character. Do these qualities describe you?

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