Exodus 31

Exodus 31

Exodus 31 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

At the end of the chapter, God reminds Israel of the third sign of their covenant – the Sabbath. Overall, these signs were established as a reminder of the great provision of God, and to allow the people to partake in God’s plan for their lives.

The first sign was the rainbow. Although today, the rainbow has been used for all sorts of other signs, the original intention was as a reminder of God’s covenant with Noah and his family. It’s fascinating to consider the fact that the rainbow we see in nature was designed and given by God Himself. I am reminded of His covenant on a day after it has rained but the sun begins to peek through the clouds. This would have been the case after the flood as well.

The second sign was the circumcision. This covenant was made with Abraham and was established to set apart God’s people as His own.

Here, in Exodus 31, we are reminded of the third covenant – the Sabbath. This was a routine established by God that mirrored His Creation account. It was also established as a means to help the Israelites understand that God was their ultimate rest. Throughout the OT, the Jews continually worked every day to come near to God. In creating this rhythm, God was foreshadowing the coming Messiah who would give people rest in their hearts forever.

Each sign was a powerful reminder of God’s provision for His people. The rainbow was given as hope after death. The circumcision was given to begin life. The Sabbath was given to sustain life. The progress of these signs all led to the Messiah who would die, resurrect, and sustain us until His Second Coming.

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