Deuteronomy 1

Deuteronomy 1

Deuteronomy 1 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Deuteronomy means “the second giving of the law.” It’s a book about real life. In fact, Deuteronomy is probably one of the least studied and most important books of the Old Testament. Here are some facts about Deuteronomy…

  • It contains practical revelation from God for how He desires for us to live.
  • It is an invitation for a relationship with Him.
  • It establishes an eternal kingdom by which humanity can fellowship with God.
  • Jesus quotes Deuteronomy more often than any other book of the OT.
  • Jesus quotes from Deuteronomy when being tempted by Satan which suggests the spiritual power that resides in its words and themes.
  • Deuteronomy is quoted or alluded to nearly 200 times in the New Testament.

Deuteronomy is also interesting because it is a book that was most likely “revised” after the exile. When God’s people returned from their exile in Persia, it took on the role of a covenant renewal document. This book reveals so much about the character of God. You could write an entire theology just from this one book. Overall, there are nine different names given to God!

The book of Deuteronomy still has relevance today. We function on a daily basis with a low spiritual IQ. Like the Israelites, we are slow learners. Often, there is a promise given to us that we say we believe in but refuse to walk in. Many times, we take “40 years” to accomplish an 11-day task. Though God offers us abundant grace, there is still a responsibility to obey.

The truth of God is that even when we are rebellious, unbelieving grumblers, He does not neglect or forsake us. He knows where we walk, and He finds us on the path we have willingly chosen. He knows where that path leads as well. He will follow us and go with us, offering opportunities to give more of ourselves to Him. He will provide for us, just as He did Israel, with everything necessary for a spiritually prosperous life.

As we study Deuteronomy, reflect on the character of God and what it means for your journey. What is your “Promised Land?” What is your “wilderness?” How is God in His grace walking alongside and revealing His grace to you day by day?

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