2 Chronicles 23

2 Chronicles 23

2 Chronicles 23 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

The drama surrounding this messianic promise is an interesting story. The offspring of David’s line had officially been reduced to one man – Joash. Had he died, or been killed, there would be no heir through the Davidic dynasty to crown king. Furthermore, all the prophecies that predicted the Messiah coming from this dynasty would be shattered.

So many times, life happens this way. We can’t see a path. With a conniving, power-hungry ruler like Athaliah in control, it seemed hopeless. But this was not simply an overthrowing of power. It wasn’t a riot or a rebellion. It was holy provision. God willed to put His lineage back into leadership. So, it happened…just like that.

What’s so crazy about this is we tend to doubt that God will do any of this when we can’t see a path. If it’s not humanly logical, we tend to write it off. Yes, we may hope for it, but it seems so far away. For us today we must remember that God’s will always prevails. He can stir the right people at just the right timing in order to accomplish His plans.

Where do you need to hear this today? Where have you lost sight of His promises?

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I feel we have our nation of America, we indeed are right there in this glorious story. God does have a plan and we must seek Him and yes…be brave just as the priest was.. God has a plan. This is our hope! I BELIEVE it!!! Thank you men for bringing these scriptures to us and love the commentaries