2 Chronicles 19

2 Chronicles 19

2 Chronicles 19 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Jehoshaphat was a spiritual leader. Other than David or Solomon, he restored the nation to a deeper spiritual commitment than any king of Judah or Israel. One of his strategies in doing this was to position judges through every fortified city in Judah.

He appointed judges in the land in all the fortified cities of Judah, city by city, 6 and said to the judges, “Consider what you do, for you judge not for man but for the LORD. He is with you in giving judgment.

2 Chronicles 19:5-6 ESV

Their responsibilities were as follows:

  1. To be accountable to God in their judgments
  2. To exercise a great deal of honesty and character while fearing God
  3. To be supremely loyal to God
  4. To pursue righteousness
  5. To deal courageously

If a matter could not be settled by a judge, then it would go to the high court in Jerusalem where the Levites, priests, and chief fathers would settle it. The important thing to remember is that the king trusted these individuals to carry out the qualities of God among the people. Likewise, Jesus has done the same with us. We are representations of Him.

It’s strange how sometimes people will represent Jesus really well in person but show a completely different side over social media or texting. If these judges would have decided to act recklessly or out of their own emotions, it would have hurt their authority and their example. Likewise, when we are inconsistent with Jesus’ message in different areas of our life, we will hurt our witness. If we act just like the world, what difference does it make for a nonbeliever who has been searching?

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