1 Samuel 25

1 Samuel 25

1 Samuel 25 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

As well as David reacted to having a moment with Saul to himself, he backtracks with his emotions when it comes to dealing with Nabal. Yes, it’s true, Nabal was an arrogant and angry man. In fact, the name Nabal actually means “fool.” He disrespected David and his men, and he really deserved what was coming to him.

However, David’s response to wipe him out was an emotional reaction out of anger and revenge. As easily as David forgave Saul and allowed him to live, he does just the opposite here. It may seem petty as we can relate to David in this matter but God calls us to a higher standard – Jesus Christ. As difficult as it may be, the fact remains that Jesus commanded us to repay evil with good.

Another interesting application of this ordeal is to consider how we deal with those who are considered equal or below us socially. David would not kill Saul because he was God’s anointed king. However, the “fool” Nabal was equal or lesser to David and really he deserved it! But Jesus’ teaching doesn’t change based on the social status of the individual. He desires for us to bear with one another showing the fruit of the Holy Spirit inside us, regardless of status or title.

Fortunately, as Hank has pointed out, Abigail steps in and diffuses the situation. There is much to be said about peacemakers as well, for in this case, she saved David from reacting in sin.

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