1 Chronicles 16

1 Chronicles 16

1 Chronicles 16 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and he is to be feared above all gods.

1 Chronicles 16:25 ESV

This statement is not admitting there are other gods but is referencing all the pagan “gods” that were worshiped during Israel’s history. Most other cultures were committed to multiple gods that centered around nature. Agriculture, weather, and fertility were popular among all the other nations. Israel was unique in that they were one of the only nations to recognize and serve the one true living God.

Today not much has changed. People still serve many pagan “gods”. Whether it’s sports, money, sex, fame, food, addictions, or even things like children or good works, these fake idols steal our focus from the one true God. Countless times, God’s people go back to their false gods only to have the consequences reveal what their heart truly loves.

David was setting a precedent by reestablishing the focus on God alone. He led the people in worship and sacrifice. He not only commanded certain things, but he exemplified it with his life. Yes, he was far from perfect, but his leadership modeled service to the Lord. Our desire must be to evaluate where we are serving other gods and redirect our heart towards our Father.

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